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Crowdfunder for book that includes interview with CCEer!

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  1. chdot

    A grocery delivery van driver pushed me off the bus lane in Battersea and made me start reporting". This is how I became a so-called headcam cyclist. More and more people equip themselves with recording devices for their commute bike rides. After a few years of being active in the "community" of cyclists reporting dangerous driving to the police, I decided to take a different approach - learn and tell the story about how it all began.

    What's in the publication

    Interviews with people who started and shaped the third-party reporting: David Brennan, Traffic Droid, Dave Sherry, Mike van Erp

    Interviews with other significant cyclists: Anne Ramsay (CycleGranny), John Richardson (4ChordsNoNet), Jim's Wheels, Axolotol, Rebecca (Pharmacist on the Bike), Tina (TinaCyclist), Deacon Thurston.

    Quotes and references from hundreds of media articles on the topic.

    Interviews with police officers that shaped third-party reporting: Andy Cox, Mark Hodson and Ian Price.

    Quotes from many others, who fought against dangerous drivers.

    Ongoing feuds and bromances between key journalists discussing the topic.

    The moment my Tweet caused a controversial headline on

    Partial data from FOI requests to all police forces in the UK.

    Quote from FOI request to HM Treasury about the "road tax"

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