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"Holiday Flats Edinburgh's Ruin"

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  1. Rosie

    @crowriver - My thoughts exactly

    Guardian article with some good comments.

    Posted 3 months ago #
  2. Rosie

    Cockburn Association:-

    Cockburn mini-conference entitled the Air BnB Phenomenon – Impact and Opportunities of the Collaborative Economy and Disruptive Technologies: how should Edinburgh respond to short-term letting?

    It will be held on Wed 14th March from 2-5 at the Methodist Church.

    Posted 2 months ago #
  3. Murun Buchstansangur

    "Time to defend tenement life

    Spurtle recently interviewed a local tenant who has lived in the same tenement for over 15 years. Until recently they took the lead in organising all those little jobs on the common stair – such as arranging for cleaners and changing lightbulbs – and their plants here were an attractive feature enjoyed by all.
    But then one flat on the stair was sold and began operating as an AirBnB. There followed a huge increase in comings-and-goings, strangers struggling with locks, drunk ‘guests’ pushing the wrong buzzers and kicking doors. Rubbish was now badly binned and recycling stopped altogether.
    The model tenant reluctantly began monitoring who used the stair, on one occasion interrupting a burglar who had somehow gained access to the outside key-box code and let himself in.
    When the tenant took their plants indoors for fear of them being pinched or damaged, AirBnB guests complained to their ‘host’ that the stair no longer resembled the pretty plant-filled photo featured on the website. The host then complained to the tenant’s landlord about this removal and about the tenant monitoring the stair He said it made his guests feel ‘unwelcome’.
    Thankfully, the landlord dismissed these complaints. But the situation as described is a perfect case-study in how short-term lets can rapidly disrupt community life and sour relations.
    AirBnB issues sensible guidelines on responsible hosting, but they are unenforceable (
    Since February 2017, Glasgow has effectively banned short-term whole-flat lets on common stairs ( Similar regulation of the sector in Edinburgh cannot
    come soon enough."

    Posted 2 months ago #
  4. chdot

    And it is impossible to rent a home in Venice, as every conceivable space is now advertised on Airbnb as a holiday let. Tomorrow, the highly respected Cockburn Association hosts an event to discuss whether Edinburgh could be facing the same fate.

    Posted 2 months ago #
  5. chdot

    VisitScotland has launched a new tourism initiative with Airbnb to give visitors more “authentic experiences” of Scotland.

    Posted 2 months ago #
  6. chdot

  7. Nelly

    This whole AirBnB phenomenon has kind of passed me by - age, maybe?

    When I think about the concept, it seems a nice idea - pick up a short term let in some nice city for a price significantly lower than the robbing hotel chains charge - sounds a great idea.

    However, clearly owner greed has taken over in some places, and some kind of regulation seems necessary - It seems ridiculous to walk along tenement streets and see multiple key locks bolted to walls outside one stair.

    AirBnB will say that they are just the facilitator and its nothing to do with them - but they must be part of any solution.

    Regardless of what the council (or Glasgow for that matter) say, they cant limit the numbers or resolve this without AirBnB and their competitors helping and allowing access to data - i.e. to confirm how many short term lets are at one address and limit / reduce the nyumber registered.

    Regardless of what regulations councils put in place, without AirBnB help, some landlords will simply lie if its left to them.

    Presumably AirBnB started in the USA - has the issue been resolved there?

    Posted 2 months ago #
  8. chdot

  9. Tulyar

    When you rent (a) flat(s) you have to register as a Landlord, and renew every 3 years (c.£100), the services have to be tested - Gas must be checked annually by a Gas Safe engineer (c.£60) & a whole pile more paperwork. Mains-linked smoke detectors must be installed, with a fire detector in the kitchen, and a CO detector - usually close to the boiler. More than 2 unrelated tenants and you need an HMO licence.

    None of this is required for punting the flat for airbnb, yet the risks are all still there (CO poisoning, fire etc).

    Many of the flat rental regulations came after fatal or serious incidents, as yet we've not had such a denouement for an airbnb property but will it simply be a matter of time?

    Posted 3 weeks ago #
  10. chdot

  11. Rosie

    People buying a flat and letting it out on AirBnB is having an effect on the market too.

    It’s an attractive proposition - you’re paying very little LBTT, it’s an unregulated market and you can let it out for good prices.”

    ESPC said a shortage of property was continuing to drive up prices in the Capital.

    Posted 1 week ago #
  12. neddie

    Solicitor’s advertorial trying to talk the market up

    “Buy 1 bed flats NOW. While the price is high”

    Yeah, great idea

    Posted 1 week ago #
  13. crowriver

    Also: "Don't by that upmarket property in Heriot Row (that I have my eye on): it wouldn't be a good investment (for the likes of you)."

    Posted 1 week ago #
  14. Tulyar

    Good news for those prepared to enjoy the LIGWIE lifestyle then - for around half the price of an Edinburgh Flat (or a larger place with a 25-30 minute commute in to the city) you can pick up a place within 5 minutes of Queen Street/Buchanan Bus Station and enjoy (with the electric trains especially) a 35 minute trip to Haymarket or a slightly slower but muchly cheaper coach trip - which more conveniently stops closer to the Western Flank centres of employment. Both trains & coaches carry bikes (the latter requires a bag/cover).

    * opposite to a WIGLIE (Works in Glasgow - Lives in Edinburgh)

    Posted 1 week ago #

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