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Today's rubbish signage

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  • Started 1 year ago by Iain McR

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  1. Iain McR

    This gets my vote for the most pointless, actually-making-things-worse set of signs in Edinburgh presently. Been here since end of last week.

    South bound on Buccleuch St/ Potter Row, near the Dagda. It's actually the cycle lane on the northbound side that's closed as they've pinched it for a temp pavement, while that is re-laid.

    So let's put signs in the southbound cycle lane telling people the northbound cycle is closed, hence forcing them in to the now narrowed road / traffic. What is the $#^@&*$# point ? Are any southbound vehicles actually going to modify their behaviour when they see these signs ?

    I am struggling to comprehend the logic/thought process involved here.

    Is it possible to find out who's roadworks belong to who ? I looked for any 'these improvements are brought to you by' type signs amongst the overturned barriers strewn around, buts theres none.

    Posted 1 year ago #

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