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Biniam Ghirmay: the kid who beat Remco

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  • Started 2 years ago by SRD

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  1. SRD

    "Because this is the biggest challenge for African riders; not only must they overcome massive disadvantage and institutional prejudice to break into European racing, they must then contend with all the culture shock that this entails, and still deliver excellent performances. Arguably better performances than European or North American riders would have to in the same position.
    One oft-repeated piece of trivia about Ghirmay is that he was the only guy who ever beat Remco Evenepoel as a junior. In fact, this is a claim from rider agent and Tour de France stage winner, Robbie Hunter – and it wasn’t one guy, it was two.
    “Ghirmay, when he was racing as a junior with Remco Evenepoel was one of two people who beat Remco but no one wanted to take him as an athlete. The only team
    that wanted to take him at the time was Delko.”

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