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26th April, Towpath Talk: How to ride long and a decade of Ride to the Sun

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  1. bill

    When: Fri, 26th April 2024
    Where: Towpath Cafe, Biketrax
    What: Towpath Talk #4

    We are doing another Towapth Talk!

    In the fourth talk of the series, we bring you three legendary cyclists: Jon Pavelin, Fraser Maxwell, and Gary Cameron.

    Jon has an amazing breadth of experience in long distance riding. He’ll give us the Big Cycling 101: How to ride long, longer, and longest … with a smile.

    Fraser and Gary are the creators of an iconic fixture on the Scottish cycling calendar – Ride to the Sun. This event simply entails riding 100 miles through the night from Carlisle to watch the sunrise at Edinburgh’s Cramond Beach for the summer solstice. Every year it attracts hundreds of participants, and this year marks a decade since its first edition.

    If you have your own Ride to the Sun story, we’d love to share it with the Towpath crowd and the podcast audience! Get in touch at with the subject “My Ride to the Sun story”.

    Tickets available here

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