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Leaving bikes in tenement stair area

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  • Started 7 years ago by shonan
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  1. acsimpson

    I hang my bikes by the front wheel. Although I may be tempting brakes breaking so far they seem fine. It's only been 3 years though so plenty of time for ill effects still to materialise.

    Could it be that some types of hydraulic systems are better than others?

    Posted 8 months ago #
  2. Tulyar

    The Page 3 picture was installed on a frame made to my design in the close (near Scottish Widows building) where the Goffs have/had a flat around 10 years ago. It uses the Orion Wega rack, a design specifically for indoor bike storage and one we used extensively for the Hackney Homebikepark project in 2003-04 the brackets are mounted on unistrut channel with shear-nuts (to prevent thieves undoing them) on the locked in studs. The brackets can be offset in 15 cm steps and the spacing adjusted by moving them along the uni-strut channel. This design used a braced angle plate extending out on the floor to make it effectively free-standing (load-wise) with some tie-in to the stairs to stop it moving, and an extended banister rail end to stop people turning into the bikes as they came off the bottom step. To avoid lifting the full weight of bikes, a small vestigal ramp can be included for the back wheel to roll up and put the hook under the front wheel rim - then the bike can roll back a couple of inches on that ramp. Otherwise there is a very neat technique using the weight of the bike and a knee brought up under the saddle as the handlebars are pulled back...

    I've pictures of this being designed & built plus sketches for Ardmillan Terrace/Warrender Park Crescent closes which were not built for the 1988 project - also looked at Gayfield Square & somewhere near Holy Corner.

    For the less athletic (and richer) there is this which uses basic stored energy (big spring) with a detent latch and gas strut to provide a smooth lift. They can be angled to the wall so that a) all units can be set at the same height b) the space required to line up the bike is not at 90 degrees to the wall face (ie too wide for a close passageway) Units could be mounted on a carousel for added security & space saving (10-12 bikes). You may see these appearing on Scotrail trains at some time in the near future.

    There is also a modern version of X-Fix a quick-release system for handlebars that locks them in 2 positions so that a bike can be made 'flat' and roughly 30cm wide, complete with a slimline bike locker.

    I'm taking commissions!

    Posted 8 months ago #

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