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Useful or geeky toys?

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  • Started 14 years ago by chdot
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  1. chdot

    My relatives and and associates think I spend too much time staring at screens - but at least I spend virtually no time looking through windscreens.

    So I know a bit about 'technology'. I try to see it as a set of useful tools, but...

    I take photos, so I use Flickr.

    I am interested in mapping from adding info to the Spokes (paper) maps to being slightly responsible for - the wonderful on-line journey planner.

    I've owned a couple of Garmin GPS devices and a few 'cycle computers', but these days I tend to just use an iPhone (other devices are, apparently, available).

    I will be posting info about the iPhone (as a useful tool) and particularly Apps.

    I hope others will add details of Apps I don't know about or gadgets I don't use. OR (completely reasonable) arguments about why maps and compasses are better, because they don't need batteries.

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