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CycleStreets app

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  • Started 6 years ago by nobrakes
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  1. wingpig

    What would make Cyclestreets/OSM data much more useable would be a "Spokes map view" with simple big purple lines highlighting properly-cycleable infrastructure, especially when using a phone. If you're following a labelled NCN it's sometimes not too bad but most of the detail is hard to appreciate without a reasonably-sized screen with space to have the key and layer controls open.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  2. rbrtwtmn

    Wingpig: various 'view' options is something we're not short of in regard to OSM. Bear in mind that highlights 4 map styles just really as a way to get people started. Take a look at this bewildering list of OSM based services...

    Some of these may use one of the map 'renderings' (i.e. styles / views) which you see on - but many/most will use their own rendering.

    And when you've done with this list you can read through the list of apps for Android / iphone devices too:

    Then consider that an increasing number of apps and services allow you to style the map how you want it....

    For those who don't mind messing about with a technical app I recommend looking up 'openandromaps' - and playing with one of the apps which use these downloadable maps. These apps tend to be more complex - but the maps can be re-styled on a mobile device at will (using community created styles), and adapting someone elses map style to your requirements may not be out of the question.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  3. nobrakes

    Can confirm the app works with cached map tiles - tried it last night. Worked a treat. Also received a 'nearly out of data' warning from my provider yesterday, which isn't a big deal as I only have 250MB a month and do spend a bit of time using remote desktop from my phone which eats most of that, but the app clearly uses non-trivial data amounts for those on a fixed plan. I decided to break out an old HTC Sensation running Android and have downloaded the offline map pack and the Android version. So hopefully now I have a bike sat nav that requires no data connection at all. Haven't tried it yet but it looks to be at least a few dev cycles ahead of the windows one. Great, great app and project!

    Posted 6 years ago #

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