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Unofficial Taxi Rank - Haymarket Terrace

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  • Started 10 years ago by Radgeworks
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  1. Radgeworks

    So, after about 6 weeks of waiting for the taxi's that are parking illegally on the junction of Rosebery Crescent and Haymarket Terrace to get moved on for breaking the law....., i then rang the council 7th Jan to ask them to "enforce" the 3 different no parking no loading no stopping signs there, for taxi drivers who are parking on the double yellow lines, obscuring line of sight for anyone trying to see the oncoming vehicles, and also forcing traffic round them at a dangerous angle.
    No change after 8 days, i rang them again and repeated the story, no change again after a week so i rang them again yesterday and spoke to a nice Scottish lady in the parking enforcement section.
    She basically told me theres very little they can do. Great news isnt it.
    So from what i gather from the council, "we" all just have to get used to it basically, i thought it would be helpful to share this with everyone.
    As when the now {sadly likely} inevitable accident occurs there, I want to say i tried to prevent it, and also I told you so to the council. RJ

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  2. fimm

    I take it you're not talking about the area directly over the road from the station? Next to the chippy & the hotel? Because there's a yellow "Taxi Rank" sign there...

    Posted 10 years ago #
  3. stiltskin

    No, it is the extension of that rank about 100 yards West along the road and across the junction.

    Posted 10 years ago #
  4. Radgeworks

    Hi Fimm aye your spot on, i am definately NOT talking about the clearly signed Taxi Rank you have also noted, i am indeed talking about the area that Stiltskin also refers to above.
    I have now drafted an email that i have sent off to the address.
    Waiting to see what happens,
    i went through there again on Saturday on the bus sadly, i sat at the front upstairs to see the whole debacle, and it really really was a nightmare,
    there was a rail replacement coach parked just prior to the ASL going west, 9 taxis backed up from Rosebery to the Bike Smith shop, buses going round them, buses going round the rail replacement coach, and for the solitary hardy cyclist leaving the station,
    No option but to use the tramworks pavement to just get to the ASL safely.
    Hellish didnt do the situation justice.. Radgeworks

    Posted 10 years ago #

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