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  1. deckard112

    @TractorFactory - that might have been someone else you saw! When I did mine there was no-one else there, I jumped up as soon as I hit the deck and immediately looked around doing the 'did anyone see me fall like a muppet check'!

    Although it was an impressive skid even if I say so myself!

    And thanks for having a look @acsimpson no worries, I've had it for a couple of winter seasons and it wasnt expensive.

    Posted 4 years ago #
  2. chdot

  3. chdot

    Day 4

    Have noticed an amazing sense of community spirit on my route… I’m getting lots of smiles, nods, waves and ‘hellos’ and even a beaming ‘are you alright?’ when I pulled over for a rest… possibly looking disheveled like I had just had an accident.

    Posted 5 months ago #
  4. bax

    not much community spirit from the salmon yesterday

    every time i asked

    "any ice between here and cramond?"

    got treated like a leper

    must brush up on my people skills

    Posted 5 months ago #

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