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Garmin issues?

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  1. tammytroot

    Anybody else having issues with garmin connect?
    Yesterday I tried to log a ride for the first time in weeks. (Been using the other bike which doesn't have a gps mount on it). I was asked to log in which was unusual and having done so got someone in Londons logs instead of my own.
    I had to return my faulty Garmin touring last year and received a replacement. I am wondering if it was recycled and is now in use in London.
    Ps. Logged out and back in again this morning, just my rides showing up now.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  2. jonty

    Sounds like you've stumbled on a relatively serious security vulnerability, particularly concerning given the nature of what Garmin Connect stores. It may just be that, under certain circumstances, you can accidentally (or worse, maybe deliberately) log into someone else's account.

    I'd get in touch with them and explain in as much detail as possible what happened, including approximate times and whose account you think you saw. Given that I trust Garmin with my data too, I'd hope they'd take this seriously (and would be very interested to know if they didn't.)

    Posted 6 years ago #

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