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  1. gembo

    As part of Edfoc we put on Vittoria da Sica's post war masterpiece Ladri di Bicicleta on Friday. Fair few folk made it out. The lure of free beer is strong. Mapenabrea Italian lager was on offer if you could beat the computer over 30 secs of a climb to biello where the beer is made. One cyclist arrived most pissed off, looks like her partner underestimated the distance to Balerno.

    Apart from that seemed to go well. The first short was a bit boring about a guy everesting up swains lane in London. The next short, life on a bike from Montreal was funny. The main feature was reasonably well received. I love it but then it is probably JCs favourite movie. Even the meal the dad buys his son out of guilt is vegetarian. (Well technically some mozzarella is not veggie).

    If you have not seen the film it remains powerful sixty years on

    Posted 1 year ago #
  2. jdanielp

    Damn, completely forgot about this mostly as a result of my upstairs neighbour flooding my bedroom on Thursday. I had wandered into my bedroom after taking my cycles shoes off after returning home and was bemused to find that I suddenly had wet feet, but quickly noticed the damage. In the process of rescuing stuff that hadn't yet been soaked, I was luckily in the kitchen at the moment that I heard a loud crasing noise, which turned out to be a chunk of the ceiling collapsing. The insurers have been moving slowly so far, but I'm fairly reassured that this will end well.

    Posted 1 year ago #
  3. gembo

    Shame x2

    Posted 1 year ago #

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