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"Why Paris will be the first post-car metropolis"

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  • Started 9 months ago by gibbo
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  1. gibbo

    Interesting article in the FT yesterday about Paris trying to get rid of cars by 2024.

    It's behind a paywall, but here are a few highlights:

    - “Vehicles with combustion engines driven by private individuals” could well be banned from the city by then, says Jean-Louis Missika, the deputy mayor.

    - The city is already unrolling the future: raising the price of parking, adding bike lanes and planning to ban diesel cars by 2020.

    - “Every inch of that road surface has to be maximised,” says Ross Douglas, who runs Autonomy, an annual urban-mobility conference in Paris. “The first thing the city will want to do is reduce the 150,000 cars parked on the street doing nothing. Why should you occupy 12 square metres to move yourself? Why should you use a big diesel engine to pollute me and my family?”

    - Paris’s parking spaces will become bike or scooter paths, café terraces or playgrounds.

    - Paris doesn’t need private cars because it already has the best public transport of any international city

    - Already, nearly two-thirds of the 2.2 million Parisians don’t own cars

    I don't know how realistic this stuff is, but it's a hell of a lot more ambitious than the Scottish government's plans - which don't appear to involve anything that would restrict car use.

    Posted 9 months ago #
  2. chdot

    Forgot to look for this story (should be in places other than FT).

    Was on radio yesterday, reporter was focussed on the fact(?) that police were against it - on basis that less roadspace would mean more congestion so harder to get through (terrorism was mentioned).

    Reporter also stressed socialist mayor.

    Posted 9 months ago #
  3. Snowy

    Idly wondering what proportion of Edinburgh residents own cars, does anyone know?

    Although that's obviously complicated by the fact that so many people drive-commute into Edinburgh from outside.

    Posted 9 months ago #
  4. Frenchy

    @Snowy - no source to hand, but I believe that roughly half of adults in Edinburgh have a car.

    EDIT: I found this: (page 4)

    73% of households in Edinburgh own at least one car. Not all adults in a household with a car will necessarily be able to drive it, though.

    Posted 9 months ago #
  5. Morningsider

    Snowy - according to the 2011 census, 39.9% of Edinburgh households had no access to a car or van. Well above the Scottish average of 30.5%, but below the 50.8% of Glasgow households without access to a car.

    That last one always amazes me - think what car based development has done to Glasgow, then think that less than half of households directly "benefit".

    Posted 9 months ago #
  6. I were right about that saddle

    Interesting reading;ée2017.pdf

    High quality journalism, organised and empowered citizens, bold elected representatives.

    Can't see why they're so far ahead of us at all.

    Posted 9 months ago #
  7. ih

    Interesting comparison:

    The FT article says, "Already, 2/3 of Parisians don't own cars.", and @Morningsider gives the 2011 census figure that ~40% of Edinburgh people don't have access to a car. Does the Paris 2/3 figure include children and family members who don't own a car but have access to one?

    Could be that Paris and Edinburgh are not very far apart in car ownership terms, so why can't we adopt more of a Parisian approach?

    Posted 9 months ago #
  8. Morningsider

    ih - can't find an authoritative source on Paris household car ownership (perhaps IWRATS might have a better idea of where to look). But a couple of half decent looking sources say around 67-69% Paris households have access to a car, i.e. more than in Edinburgh.

    Posted 9 months ago #
  9. Stickman

    Not directly comparable, but the Edinburgh People Survey results showed that only 41% of respondents had driven a car or van in the city in the previous month. 68% had used a bus.

    Posted 9 months ago #
  10. I were right about that saddle


    French public websites pride themselves on their opacity, however everything should be somewhere in here;

    Ainsi, en grande couronne comme en province, neuf ménages actifs occupés sur dix disposent d’au moins une voiture, tandis qu’à Paris six sur dix n’en ont pas du tout.

    So, in greater Paris just like in the regions, nine households in ten have access to at least one car whilst in central Paris sixty percent have no such access.

    Stumbled on this which is also interesting;

    Posted 9 months ago #
  11. chdot

  12. paddyirish

    This looks promising

    Posted 1 week ago #

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