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Is this the worst bit of cycling "infrastructure" in Edinburgh?

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  1. Frenchy

    the other path thats been made just further up has got steps on it

    Whereabout is this?

    wish they would do some "topping off" works to the gate further up - its surrounding edges are getting a rutted and muddy mess !

    You mean the gate just west of the bridge over the railway line?

    Posted 1 week ago #
  2. rider73

    the bit where you have to go around the gate and either squeeze between the gate and the post or around the post - both bits are very muddy and so is the cobble "line" you have to cross.

    the other path is not tarmaced and its on the leftcoming out from the new houses about 15 meters after youve exited the chicanes and are heading towards the gate to dalmeny....

    Posted 1 week ago #
  3. Frenchy

    Ta, not been that way for a while, so hadn't clocked that there was an extra path.

    I emailed someone at Sustrans a while ago, asking what the deal was with that muddy bit next to the gate. I don't think they ever got back to me, I'll chase it up.

    Posted 1 week ago #
  4. acsimpson

    IIRC The gate is currently owned by Earl of Rosebery. Given that they decided to install a new gate when the milk van crashed into the old one I don't imagine they are very interested in upgrading the access currently. Although if anyone want to go digging and see if Edinburgh Council could upgrade it with some of that cycle budget they are apparently struggling to spend then please do so.

    Taylor Wimpey (or AN Other national house builder) are busy purchasing the land over the road from the new housing from him in order to build more housing. We need to keep an eye on their planning application to ensure that it include the necessary upgrades to the path from Dalmeny. The planning applicaiton might be 16/06280/FUL if anyone has time to go digging through it and see what's included:

    Posted 6 days ago #

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