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The Idea of Canada - Golden Hare Books

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  1. unhurt

    Publication event for Granta 141: Canada. 6pm Tuesday 5th December. £3 (redeemable against a copy if you incline that way):

    "Our special guests will be in conversation to discuss the new issue, the history, current state and future directions of Canadian Literature including the relationship between Scottish and Canadian literature.

    Alexander MacLeod, Canadian author and contributor to Granta 141 and Professor Rob Dunbar, Chair of Celtic Studies at the University of Edinburgh and Canadian expat."

    (I was too germy for geopoetics, but this is nice and central.)

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  2. LaidBack

    Canada is lot more complex though than just the Scottish 'Anglo' connections - certainly from reading Michael Ignatieff's book Blood & Belonging (Bought £1 at charity bookshop on Pitlochry Station waiting for train!)

    I've just finished the Canadian / Scottish special issue of The Geographer quarterly magazine of RSGS. (With contributions from RCGS / La Société Géographique Royale du Canada)

    Now looking for Quebec authors - so many Scottish sounding names but less of French origin. First nation is in of course. So Canada is bi/multi ethnic with two nations / three if you include Cree / First Nation.

    SRD - expect this will be of interest? As Newfoundlander your view will be also quite different no doubt. Michael Ignatieff's book looks at what were called 'separatists'. He thinks that a nation doesn't need to be a state and is trying to find out why some countries thought they were 'beyond nationalism' etc (Book is from 1994 so some things have changed of course).

    Thread drift lock needs applied warning...!

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  3. gembo

    Great wee book shop

    Posted 6 years ago #
  4. unhurt

    Dangerous to finances bookshop...

    Posted 6 years ago #

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