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Kids bike trailer advice

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  • Started 11 months ago by Lezzles
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  1. Lezzles

    Hi All,

    My child's nursery is moving in the summer - currently a short pootle on the back of my bike is going to become a 2.4 mile trip with bags for her and me. I also have a 4 year old who may also want a seat when we go on weekend trips.

    I'm looking to upgrade my trailer and have been looking at all the options.

    Main differences appear to be weight, height of child and whether its got a canvas or solid base.

    What trailer do you have? How much did things like weight matter? What is the value in a solid base vs a canvas one?

    My budget is up to £400 and the Burley Bee keeps coming out as a good all rounder.

    Posted 11 months ago #
  2. wingpig

    We had a Phillips Cleveland two-seat. Seemed a fairly standard two-seat plastic-base removable-wheels folds-flat trailer (closely resembling the Burley Bee), which converted to a buggy with a plug-in front wheel. It had a chainstay clamp attachment, which wasn't ideal as there was some heel-strike on some frames. It was sturdy enough to hook a child's bike on the back, steerable enough to be able to get through the Springside slope-chicane and able to fit two children and bags of shopping/snacks. If my sheds were bigger and side-gate wider I'd not have sold it years ago. Anything equivalent to it would be recommended, but an axle hitch would be better.

    Posted 11 months ago #
  3. urchaidh

    We currently have a Chariot Cougar double which we got n'th hand as new ones are eye wateringly expensive. With my first two (twins) I had an much cheaper s/h option. I think it was German, but very basic.

    The difference in weight was significant, the Chariot does feel a lot lighter and easier to pull, but then it only ever has one kid it so it's probably an unfair comparison. Around town, and for short day trips, the weight was never an issue for me. I did find the low gears on my bike got used a lot though.

    I've never given much thought to the base. Both were flexible plastic covered fabric I think, but never had a problem with either.

    The wheels came off both to fold. The older one used various pins control the folding which made it a lot more off a faff to fold/unfold, but made it a lot smaller when folded.

    We never really used the buggy option, but found the bar that was provided to push it as a buggy very handy for hanging small bikes on.

    There never seemed to be enough space for luggage and shopping. We only once made the mistake of putting the lunch in the passenger compartment with them.

    Posted 11 months ago #
  4. davidsonsdave

    We have the Croozer for 2 which is still just about big enough for a three year old and a small 5 year old to squeeze into. I don't think they will both fit for much longer though.

    It has a canvas base which has never been a problem, an axle hitch which means that it feels very stable and it is well made but fairly light. Lots of room for carrying all the clothes and stuff to nursery and back.

    I was wondering about a replacement and had seen this which appears to be considerably reduced. Looks like fun but probably not practical as very exposed to the elements and road grime.

    Posted 11 months ago #
  5. urchaidh

    My wife sadly vetoed this money saving idea...

    Posted 11 months ago #
  6. Lezzles

    Thanks all - really useful advice. I do need decent luggage space so those 'seat' options won't really work. With her nursery bag (lunchbox, bag of nappies, change of clothes, gloves, hats etc) plus my lunch & laptop we're running out of space quickly.

    I'm narrowing it down to the Burley Bee and the Thule Coaster. I've used Burley trailers on holiday and liked them a lot.

    I'm not really bothered about the buggy option - we have a dog and as a result my kid at 2 walks a lot further than other kids her age (albeit very very slowly if there are cows/sheep/buses to look at). But v good advice on not leaving the lunch with her - she's a porker already.

    Posted 11 months ago #
  7. Lezzles

    Hi Folks, just a note of caution. I bought a Burley Honeybee trailer after a lot of research (tall child meant a lot of trailers were not going to cut the mustard long term).

    Anyway, as per its design I have been storing it folded up in my garage when not in use. Unfortunately this has led to the canvas wearing through underneath where it has been in contact with the garage floor - clearly my husband hasn't been too cautious about moving it around. Its now worn through in multiple places.

    Burley won't repair or replace under warranty but accept this is a common issue for these trailers if they are stored folded up. They have suggested I fit a skid guard to prevent further wearing.

    So just in case anyone is buying a bike trailer - Burley or otherwise - I'd suggest fitting a skid guard before you start using it.

    Apparently these skid guards come as standard on the £500+ trailers but not on the £350 trailer.

    Highly irritated.

    Posted 7 months ago #

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