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Well done City of Edinburgh Council for NEPN repairs

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  1. gembo

    I know the chap with oversight of the infra on the NEPN. So I am maybe biased. But. What a great job the council have done there.

    Posted 7 months ago #
  2. chdot

    “maybe biased”

    “What a great job the council have done there.”

    Is it finished?

    Was it adequately consulted on in advance?

    How much of the planning/execution was done by CEC staff?

    Has it been value for money?

    Posted 7 months ago #
  3. neddie

    Sorry, do not agree

    For £900k, they could have widened a lot of it out to double-width, with a white line down the middle like MMW. Instead of putting up nonsense like "share the path" signs.

    At the very least they could have removed the encroaching vegetation, significantly narrowing the path. E.g. near where they are resurfacing at the dog-leg on the Ferry Rd section.

    Posted 7 months ago #
  4. Murun Buchstansangur

    And the bench siting - who doesn't like sitting looking at a overgrown hedge?

    Never mind that benches should never have been part of it

    Posted 7 months ago #
  5. neddie

    I realise the OP is being provocative, but seriously, what is this bit of Tarmac for?

    I mean, really ?

    Untitled by Ed, on Flickr

    Posted 7 months ago #
  6. stiltskin

    To be fair. Apart from the benches, I don't think they have done too bad a job. Having said that, there hasn't been too much rain to test the new drainage, but if it does what it is meant to, I'd say the work has been worth doing.

    Posted 7 months ago #
  7. the canuck

    well, we've got rain for testing purposes now, do you suppose it was pre-ordered?

    Neddie, i had the exact same thought--what on earth is that for? are they planning to knock out that wall?

    (i hate that junction, the number of people who sail through in whichever direction without looking...)

    Posted 7 months ago #
  8. toomanybikes

    Repairs not finished on the bit by Ferry Road as of this afternoon.

    Claims to be due to finish this week but one bit looks like it could take a while.

    Posted 7 months ago #
  9. gowgowuk

    After a first real rain period last night, I have to say, I'm not completely convinced: it looks like the side trenches are already almost overflowing, and one of the "future bench location" was completely under water...

    Posted 7 months ago #

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