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“Views are being sought on a new draft Forestry Strategy for Scotland ”

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  1. chdot

    which aims to make the most of precious forestry resources and help cement the country’s reputation as a responsible global citizen.

    4.13 Urban forestry

    Health and well-being benefits for urban populations
    Over two-thirds of the Scottish population live in urban settlements and 92% of urban Scots feel that it is important to have greenspace nearby35. Urban forestry therefore represents an opportunity to benefit a significant proportion of the Scottish population, providing accessible spaces for active travel, exercise and other forms of recreation, and promoting physical and mental health and well-being. One study found that after £2.5 million per year improvements in Scotland’s urban woodlands and forests, the value of the recreation and additional health benefits was £14 million36.

    Social inclusion

    Urban forests and woodlands can also help improve social inclusion: There is evidence to suggest that people are more likely to engage in social activity in greenspaces than they would in barren ones37. They also provide the opportunity to help reduce health inequalities, allowing people from a range of social groups to participate in outdoor recreational activities38 and experience the benefits that urban forests can offer.

    Environmental improvements and challenges

    Forests and woodlands in our towns and cities make an important contribution to improving the physical quality of Scotland’s urban environments. They mitigate the environmental impacts of increasing urban development through, for example, improving air quality and by reducing both rainfall runoff intensity and flooding. The Scottish Government’s National Planning Framework 3 and the Central Scotland Green Network demonstrate how urban forestry can also help to economically regenerate degraded urban landscapes, including vacant, derelict and contaminated sites.

    So, no concerns about access apart from ‘urban’ areas?

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  2. chdot

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