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https cert for this site?

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  1. davecykl

    Are there plans to add an https security certificate to this site?

    We all know that sending information over the net unencrypted is not desirable, as it can be intercepted and changed en route (and I would hope that nobody is using the same email/username/password here as on any other sites, as it potentially puts those logins at risk as well). As well, some web browsers are starting to show security alerts for unencrypted websites, and some search engines are starting to downrank them in search results.

    LetsEncrypt certs are completely free, and, as I found out, are actually fairly simple to set up using the dehydrated helper script.

    I'm happy to help, if need be.

    Posted 1 year ago #
  2. chrisfl

    Hi davecykl - thanks for the suggestion. This is on my todo list and I expect to make it live fairly shortly.

    [techie bit]
    For those technically minded, The reason that this is more complicated than you might expect, is that the current site is served by a caching frontend using Varnish that then passes the requests back to Apache, but Varnish doen't support using https.

    An additional problem is that the code only runs on php 5.3 and is totally broken on php 7. So in order to have this play nicely I'm moving to a Ngrix frontend with the php executed by fpm which allows different sites to be on different php versions.

    The new setup is all configured by ansible and I have a test site up and running, the main niggle is that somewhere something keeps redirecting links back to the http version.
    [/techie bit]

    Posted 1 year ago #
  3. davecykl

    Thanks chrisfl, good to know that it is on the todo list (less good to know that it sounds a more complicated process to implement than I had naively thought!). Have, umm, fun with your solution to get things upgraded!

    Posted 1 year ago #

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