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Albert Finney

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  1. gembo

    Had soft spot for Albert. Great story of very boozy five course meal with negroni cocktail, red wine, white wine and calvados, coffee and cigar at L'Escargot which he described to Melvyn Bragg as a light lunch. But also know he turned down a knighthood.

    How is this not Off Topic you may well ask?

    Well, as you ask, his break through movie (after years as Shakespearean actor) was Saturday Night Sunday Morning. Set in a factory but not really in the north as Some think. No the factory was in Nottingham. The factory was Raleigh. Albert seem in his racer in that film.

    Posted 6 months ago #
  2. chdot

  3. Albert Finney also recorded an LP for Tamla Motown.

    I'm sure I have a photo somewhere of a very dapper Marvin Gaye on a bicycle.

    Posted 6 months ago #
  4. chdot

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