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Online festivals starting today

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  • Started 8 months ago by SRD
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  1. SRD

    I bought tickets for the bike film festival and Celtic connections, which both start shortly but have been sent no login details. Anyone else?

    Posted 8 months ago #
  2. SRD

    Got into bike festival. Intro /trailer bits pretty cool.

    Posted 8 months ago #
  3. SRD

    but no joy in getting celtic connections to work. not impressed.

    Posted 8 months ago #
  4. ejstubbs

    I see that Edinburgh's annual winter roadworks festival has started for real, with the usual lack of fanfare. Currently pulling in the crowds is the single lane restriction under the railway bridge over Gorgie Road (although these aren't strictly road works). Out in the fringes, people are queuing for Morrison Utility Services on behalf of Scottish Power's groundbreaking new production of "Four-way TTLs at the Glenlockhart Road/Greenbank Drive/Greenbank Lane junction".

    Posted 8 months ago #
  5. minus six

    same drill 2020-21 Q4 budget-fest lit on FRB, stubbsie-san

    the crocuses and daffys can't be far behind

    Posted 8 months ago #
  6. LaidBack

    @SRD - Mrs LB went to FAQ on Celtic Connections email sent Thursday as joining emails arrived late.
    This took you to Vimeo and countdown for opening. This was streamed so not actually live. Friends we had bough t ticket for had same problem and the y got started around 5 mins later.
    Plugged defective Kind l e into Phono lead and put through hi fi - sounded very good. Nicely filmed too with music from Senegal, Quebec etc (as you know).
    Shame you had that trouble. Sounds like me with the RSGS Zoom public talks where I couldn't get sound but didn't want to have a live camera. Every platform has quirks.

    Posted 8 months ago #
  7. Rosie

    I got the ticket for the Bike Film Festival yesterday but haven't been sent login details.

    Posted 8 months ago #
  8. SRD

    Have now managed to get the Celtic Connections festival on the laptop - after intervention from IT support.

    Watched about half of the bike festival shorts, i think. frustrating interface but worth the tenner. Really enjoyed the Lagos bmxers.

    @laidback a bit frustrating not be able to use the vimeo app on the TV. nor the tv's browser. RSNO had a much better streaming set up over the holidays.

    Posted 8 months ago #
  9. LaidBack

    Anyone watching Celtic Connections festival? Tonight's line up should be good. Daughter had Rachel as tutor at the Fèis.

    There's still time to book for our 7.30pm (GMT) show tonight!

    Featuring Breabach, Aidan O'Rourke 365, Rachel Newton Music, Bassekou Kouyaté & Katherine Priddy.

    Book just the show -
    Book a festival pass -

    Sponsored by The Glenturret Whisky
    Available worldwide.

    Breach might do their well known 'hit' The Seven Men of Knoydart

    Posted 8 months ago #
  10. NiallA

    I found some of it interesting, more than engaging. The cigar box challenge team would like Kouyate’s “banjo” though.

    Karine Polwart’s Come Away In gig last night was excellent, I thought. A friend of mine is playing with Lyre in tomorrow night’s concert, so really interested to see what that trio has come up with.

    Posted 8 months ago #
  11. LaidBack

    @NiallA - yes the Aidan o'Rourke 365 with prose and poetry was not what I expected. (Longer too).
    Breabach were very good although they didn't do their 'hit'.

    Kouyate’s instrument looked fairly impossible to me. Appearance of a cricket bat but able to deliver rapid phrases.

    Agree Karine Polwart's healing words and music are so welcome and helped to frame that night up better than last.

    Lauren MacColl good in Rachel's band - I loved her record from couple of years back 'strewn with ribbons'

    Tonight Blue Rose Code is on. Rory Butler should be good too.

    Was a really jazzy singer on other night. Georgia Cécile ? Was excellent too.


    Been enjoying this weeks online Bicycle Film Festival. Brought to you by @kim and edfoc it really is worth a look (from 10 USD). Filmmakers from Nigeria, Iran and Rwanda along with European and American offerings. Focusing on and told by the people in their communities and how cycling is a positive backdrop their lives - soundtracks are worth putting through big speakers.

    Posted 8 months ago #
  12. LaidBack

    Anyone see last nights Transatlantic Sessions on Celtic Connections...?
    With most current music festivals unlikely to resume quickly the CC fest pass has been the best thing music related we purchased recently. Patch sound through speakers and you can have it as radio too.
    Bike film fest was good but CC has hours of content with a new concert every day.
    Young band Assynt were outstanding the other night. Nice to see younger performers...

    Last night they had session from Nashville. Singer guitarist Molly Tuttle was amazing. If I played guitar I would be scared to share a stage with her. Singing is not bad either! A new name to me worth checking out.
    Later they had great contribution from Quebec with the Vent du Nord etc. So nice to see online international co-operation as we all feel isolated at moment.
    Tonight's line up is really good. Field Music are from Newcastle I think... takes me back to seeing The Police at Ingliston...

    So excited for this Saturday night and Roaming Roots Revue: Songs For Surviva at 9pm, featuring some amazing songs for these unreal times from some of my favourite artists incl. Simon Neil @BiffyClyro @RachelSermanni @LAUmusic @rickyaross #heirofthecursed and @fieldmusicmusic

    Posted 8 months ago #
  13. SRD

    I have
    Noticed that they seem much keener on quebecois folk than other Canadian Celtic traditions.

    Sadly we never managed to resolve our issues and I ended up getting a refund.

    Posted 8 months ago #
  14. LaidBack

    @SRD - that's a real shame. Suppose all online events will have to refund a percentage. You won't be alone. You didn't get much / any support?
    (Must admit I was annoyed when I 'failed' to get sound on the RSGS talks prog and never knew why.)

    Quebec involvement - yes there is a lot more to Canada of course!
    Tonight BBC Alba is showing something at 9pm for 30mins. BBC Scotland has a Quay Session at 10.30 - again 30 mins.

    Posted 8 months ago #
  15. morepathsplease

    Anyone see last nights Transatlantic Sessions on Celtic Connections...?

    I've seen most of the gigs so far and that's been my favourite - has come closest to the high I would have after a good live gig.

    Also enjoyed Thursday night's gig The Conundrum mostly pipes but including Project Smok (great whistle playing from Ali Levack).

    Last Tuesday night's gig as well, especially Fara.

    Singer-songwriter/lone guitar player hasn't usually appealed over the years but Katherine Priddy was a highlight of week one (and Chris Drever is never missable).

    Posted 8 months ago #
  16. crowriver

    Don't know if anyone else here was aware of it, but I attended an interesting online conference yesterday organised by the Cockburn Association - "Whose Festival Is It Anyway?"

    My TL:DR summary.

    Some good debate, awareness of issues around over tourism and Fringe getting too big; Denial and implied agenda for post-Covid Business As Usual from ETAG and Festivals Edinburgh umbrella org; Discussion of underfunded council torn between revenue generation and enforcing planning/licensing/environmental regulations; Artists struggling to survive in Edinburgh, Scotland's most expensive city; Winter festivals need a big rethink and/or cancelling altogether; Praise for Book Festival decision to leave Charlotte Square Gardens for ECA building/courtyard - more sustainable, less damaging to trees and green space.

    Posted 7 months ago #
  17. HankChief

    Can I recommend to the house that they watch EASTBOUND about Jenny Graham's around the world cycle.

    It is an amazing achievement and she is both awesome and charming.

    Tickets via the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival

    Posted 7 months ago #

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