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10 Climbs in Aberdeenshire

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  1. LaidBack

    New one on me but will be known to Audaxers.
    Contact on FB posted pic which showed blue road sign with bike and ascent on it.

    Posted 1 month ago #
  2. amir

    I got kind of fed up of these on the Snow Roads ;) Nice when you're targeting them but off-putting when they are just one of many on a long ride. Audax is partly about distraction from the obvious, the distance to go and the climbs to do.

    Posted 1 month ago #
  3. Cyclops

    I've ridden 8 of them. No matter how many times I rode Cairn O'Mount I loathe the bit at the top. On the other hand, Suie didn't seem to be as hard as everyone said it was going to be.

    Posted 1 month ago #

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