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go pro hero mini 11

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  1. SRD

    anyone had a bad experience with new Gopro?

    I got mr srd a go pro hero mini 11 towards the end of last year. have used it a bit but not a lot.

    it stopped working after being used on Saturday. just bricked.

    customer service a bit of a faff but seems like they'll sort it.

    Just curious about other people's experience? as I've never heard anything particularly negative about them, other than cost.

    Posted 1 year ago #
  2. Dave

    I've got a Hero 8 which is just over two years old now. I have had to replace batteries (but I was using it for at least an hour a day, and sometimes for many hours) but otherwise I'm quite pleased with it. I deliberately went for a GoPro because I had reliability issues with the cheaper brands.

    I did briefly try an Insta360 but almost immediately had charging issues with it.

    I guess, make sure you use it plenty when you get the replacement as it feels like these things die quite early on if they are going to die at all?

    Posted 1 year ago #
  3. Yodhrin

    Don't own any myself, but during abandoned investigations into a camera for reporting in anticipation of the portal we're no longer getting, youtube was throwing up quite a few videos talking about the most recent generation or two of gopros having overheating issues that would cause shutdowns long before battery life exhausted or, in a few cases, bricked them. It seemed more like a "these used to be pretty much flawless and now have occasional issues you may want to be aware of" tier situation than "they're worthless, never buy that brand again".

    Posted 1 year ago #

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