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Spokes competition 2023 - Bike Storage at Home

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  1. Frenchy

    Competition closes this Sunday 3 September

    Storing your bike, or family bikes, is impossibly hard for some people and a doddle for others (until a thief calls!) depending where and how you live, and what bikes you have. We want to hear your experiences, ideas or handy hints – anything related to domestic bike storage. Our competitions always bring a wide range of ideas, which we can use to help other people. Plus .. you could win a great prize and some modest fame!

    Whether it’s a storage challenge you’ve overcome, an experience you’d rather forget, or something you’d not recommend – if it’s about storing your bike(s) at home, we want to hear from you!! You may live in a flat, bedsit, terraced house, student accommodation or a mansion – but you’ve got to store your bike(s) somewhere!

    Your entry needn’t be about equipment, though it could be. It might be an amusing incident, or how your much-loved bike was stolen whilst you slept, or how having children suddenly brought new storage dilemmas, or how the arrival of Bike Hangars changed your life, or how swapping car for bikes gave you more storage space – or just a simple handy hint.

    More info (and list of prizes) at

    Posted 7 months ago #
  2. gembo

    Had a gut feeling no one has entered and I will win this year

    Expect will just be A Buff as per usual

    Like a re-buff.

    They once said I was a winner, one of the best winners and in 13th place and if they had more than 12 prizes I would have won a prize.

    Posted 7 months ago #

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