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PY Not PY Apr 24

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  1. chdot

    It’s the time of year when thoughts go to ‘should we sit outside?’

    Previous years have suggested not (same sometimes goes for May & Jun too!)

    ‘We’ have tried all sorts of places for sitting out (and in). Think there was a ‘not city centre’ meet once (…)

    Last/not Friday/not have been tried.

    PY works - not necessarily reliably. Turnout can be 1 or 12. The massive table is of course a key attraction - plus the opportunity to complain about the price of everything under the roof.

    Some people turn up on wrong day or at ‘different’ venue. Some people cycle past having previously said they’ll look in!

    Most people on here have never been to CCE PY.

    Personal choice.


    Posted 3 months ago #
  2. gembo

    Söderberg on Middle Meadow Walk is nice

    Posted 3 months ago #
  3. Arellcat

    PY and Not PY 'explained'

    Posted 2 months ago #

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