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Gadget addiction?

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  1. Dave

    Way back in 2009 I splashed out on a ludicrously expensive GPS bike computer. It was an indulgence, but now with getting on for 5,000 miles of riding in the library, I don't regret a penny.

    Which is fortunate, as something I can't bodge or solder has finally broken, meaning I have to fork out a further £100 for the pleasure of replacing it with the nice people at Garmin.

    Strangely though, I feel almost anxious at the thought of being without it. This month is shaping up well, with an audax Sunday after next expected to take it up into the top 5 (if not top 3) for distance travelled. The thought of losing this information is terrible!

    Fortunately SWMBO has a Forerunner which I can scrounge in the meantime, but isn't it funny how we can get attached to "stuff" like this?

    Posted 12 years ago #
  2. PS

    You're right. I really don't *need* my Garmin, but it's great for all the minutiae it gives you on the ride as well, checking on routes and seeing what you did in the past (average speeds, heart rates at the top of Redstone Rigg, Kirkstone Pass, Kingscavil, etc, distance ridden in a particular month).

    For instance, this month I was "concerned" that I haven't been out on my bike much so far this year and might struggle on some of the longer rides I've got lined up over the next few months. However, a quick check of my Garmin records showed me that I have actually ridden more this year than by this point last year. Confidence restored :)

    Problem is, as you suggest, now I've got the Garmin it's as if rides where I don't have a Garmin record never actually happened. You can imagine my distress when I got home after my first 100 miler to find that the file recording was corrupt in some way and wouldn't upload to my computer. Thankfully a bit of web-browsing and an email from Garmin helped me recover it...

    Posted 12 years ago #
  3. Smudge

    Hmmm, I suspect I'm also guilty, I love to be able to see the miles clock up, and sometimes (downhill!) in traffic to glance down, know I am travelling at the legal limit and that the berk trying to overtake me really is a berk ;-)

    But like all addictions... it grows... I am now looking at Garmin 300's and wondering when the next "xx% off everything" sale will be on and how easy it is to plug a lot of grids into one and then follow a route... :-/

    Posted 12 years ago #

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