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Dreghorn Woods

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  1. chdot

    Dreghorn Woods is 'hidden' between Redford Road and the Bypass. It surrounds the Braid Burn and has some great old trees and interesting curiosities such as Salmonberries (flower).

    The woodland is still owned by the MoD (it's not that long since it had "Beware Guard Dogs" signs) and 'managed' by the council. The main path can be very muddy, though at this time of year it can be frozen so more passable.

    It can be reached from south Morningside mostly on paths (though some diversions are currently required due to the flood prevention works). Route on EveryTrail.

    The south side of the wood (downhill path) can be reached from Dreghorn Loan (don't let "Private Road" sign put you off).


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    Posted 9 years ago #
  2. Claggy Cog

    Fine and dandy on a MTB I would say.....bit of off piste so to speak, not for the genteel who cannot be bothered getting off and manouevering around fallen trees, bogs and logs. Also this is wintertime, what would it be like when all of the plants are in leaf. Next bike will have to be a MTB methinks.

    Posted 9 years ago #
  3. chdot

    I was on my 'cyclo-cross' bike. I've done it on my Moulton - not too bad downhill.

    But at some times of year if you get stuck and have to put your foot down it disappears...

    In summer it can be completely dry - and really lovely.

    BUT it shouldn't be like this. It needs some drainage work and some mud shovelling and it could be a really great, well used, route to the Pentlands, but...

    Posted 9 years ago #
  4. Claggy Cog

    Perhaps some volunteers could get together and clear some of it on a weekend. The CTC occasionally ask members to come along with secateurs, loppers, spades, etc to clear some of the more overgrown paths.....and perhaps the council could be persuaded to help with putting down aggregate or some such in the bad bits or digging troughs at the side so that water drains into them, then they could plant kingcups, or flag irises, lovely, though, of course, I am living in some sort of fantasy land here....

    Posted 9 years ago #

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