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Quilts cut through

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  1. LivM

    Greener Leith blog - Cut through from The Quilts

    I wrote an email to the local management team last night, re: the fiddly barrier over the road between the Quilts and West Bowling Green Street in Leith (it's on my route to work). Because I'd seen a post on Greener Leith recently about how the local management team had got the section of path nearby Tarmaced recently, I mentioned that in my email.

    I then forwarded the email to Greener Leith out of courtesy, as I'd mentioned them. They have (with my permission) posted the email on their blog, but misinterpreting my flattery to the LMT ("worked your magic to get it fixed") as flattery of Greener Leith [facepalm]

    I've asked Greener Leith to reword their post...

    Anyway, the upshot is, that access is rubbish on a bike, clatter of pedals or a ride through dogshit. I hope they can improve it with a dollop of Tarmac to make the ride nicer.

    Posted 8 years ago #
  2. LivM

    Woo, result (maybe). Initial response was "it's fine, we're not going to do anything except cut the grass back and by the way cyclist should dismount to get past the obstruction" (which they have done, and it does make it better, thank you council), so I wrote back saying "that's not good enough for a council that's trying to encourage sustainable travel" (or something along those lines) and also contacted Maggie Chapman Green councillor, and today I've had a response via her that the Council are going to do something to improve the access early in the new financial year.
    Watch this space...

    Posted 8 years ago #

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