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What Edinburgh MPs think of cycling

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  1. chdot

  2. Claggy Cog

    Ian Murray turned up on my doorstep a couple of years ago whilst out canvassing, he was chatty and appeared to be well-informed, not just about local issues but national and international ones too. Whenever I have written to him since he replies immediately and has helped with a couple of companies that I was having problems with who he wrote to and sorted the problem out, I am sure that they were not particularly happy to have an MP writing to them, and it soon put a stop to their nonsense. He is a winner in my book in any case. He is really green although goes under red credentials. He gets my vote every time.

    I have not personally had any dealings with Sheila Gilmore but others involved in the local neighbourhood committee hold her in very high regard, doing a lot for sorting local issues and arguments. Great to see she is a cyclist.

    Posted 5 years ago #
  3. Kirst

    I quite like Sheila Gilmore - I've contacted her a few times about feminist issues and usually had a positive response.

    Posted 5 years ago #

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