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  1. Frenchy

    Man pushing his bike up Kirk Brae as I was waiting for the lights on the way down.

    His bike was the same model as mine, so I said "Nice bike!" as he passed. I guess he thought I was commenting on his walking up the hill, because I think he muttered something about being lazy in reply.

    Posted 3 days ago #
  2. I were right about that saddle

    I commented 'lovely weather' to a chap as we cyclo-ambled along in the heat yesterday and got involved in an awkward explanation of conversational norms in English speaking countries.

    Posted 3 days ago #
  3. Greenroofer

    Was that @ARobComp on the towpath this morning, heading east at Craiglockhart at 0730? It was certainly his beard, but could have been someone else behind the very dark glasses.

    I didn't know that that was his neck of the woods.

    Posted 4 hours ago #
  4. gembo

    @greenroofer, Arobcomp used to rent out his beard but has stopped that now. Towpath do be his haunt these days

    Posted 3 hours ago #
  5. ARobComp

    Aye @Greenroofer t'was me on my way t'station t'take t'train t'Newcastle.

    Sure it's not Yorkshire but whatever.

    I spotted you in reverse but not quickly enough as I was listening to show tunes and concentrating mostly on not blaring out the words to whatever Le Mis song I was listening to (don't worry purists - my headphones transmit through my skull to leave my ears capable to hearing bells as I pass through tunnels and the heavy breathing of others nearby).

    It was a nice bike you were on - was it of the pachyderm persuasion?

    Posted 1 hour ago #
  6. Greenroofer

    @ARobComp - I was also slightly distracted by the scenario unfolding in front of us where the rider ahead of you made an optimistic overtake of the pedestrian as I approached.

    Did I ever mention that I had an Elephant Bike?

    Posted 1 hour ago #
  7. ARobComp

    Ahah yeah I did spot that one. Optimistic is the word for that overtake. Especially on that particular stretch.

    An Elephant bike? Really. Who'd have thought it.

    Posted 1 hour ago #

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