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  1. chdot

    As well as the forthcoming iPhone app there's an Android version in the works.

    PLUS "We've increased the journey length limit from 50km to 160km (100 miles)"

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    You could vote in the Future Friendly Awards - "Funding of £10,000 would make an enormous difference to our work. It would help us expand the project, add much-requested new features, make the system faster"

    Posted 12 years ago #
  2. SRD

    My complaint with cyclestreets has been that it doesn't seem to be very adaptable if you don't have a gps, iphone etc. In particular, I find it very frustrating to only be able to print out the turn by turn instructions and thumbnail maps, but not a decent size full journey map (particularly useful if you decide to skip/amend part of 'their' route). So we always end up printing out a googlemap as well, or taking an A-Z for urban rides.

    Anyway, am off the Copenhagen tomorrow and was using goglemaps to check out a (pedestrian) route, and printed it to my laptop. Discovered a whole new (to me at least) feature -- it will print out your turn by turn instructions and thumbnails, but also has a little box to tick if you want the large map too. Fantastic!!

    Hope cyclestreets get the message eventually - I did send them feedback, but no reply. I'm geeky enough that I'd love to have a GPS or iphone, but at the moment, we're still maps and paper people, and it is frustrating that they can't seem to accommodate 'old-fashioned' technologies!

    Posted 12 years ago #
  3. smsm1

    @SRD: Which web browser are you using? Why I use Safari on the Mac, it will print the map with the routes in whatever view is currently shown.

    Posted 12 years ago #
  4. SRD

    Usually chrome on a pc. basically, for most journeys the basic map which shows the whole journey doesn't allow you to see (eg) streetnames. you can zoom in, but then you can't see the whole route. does that make sense? I could print the zoom view, but that would just show a portion of the route.

    Anyway, since last post, and thanks to intervention of our friendly moderator, have had a reply from cyclestreets saying that lots of people have complained about this (or variations of this complaint), and they hope to resolve it.

    Posted 12 years ago #

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