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Sheriffhall Roundabout consultation etc.

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  1. neddie

    It’s almost like they had a mechanism to regulate demand on a limited resource, and now they don’t. Ha ha

    Posted 8 months ago #
  2. crowriver

    Hilarious that the government didn't foresee this. Classic tragedy of the commons scenario.


    Unison spokesperson said: “There are simply not enough spaces in the car parks. You often see queues from Sheriffhall right into the hospital about half an hour sometimes more. The free for all has backfired because people come in and chance their luck. Then you see parking attendants redirecting them to the car parks at the back. Everybody and their granny tries to get in. It's very hit or miss. It seemed to work out better when staff had permits.”


    No sh1t Sherlock!

    Posted 8 months ago #
  3. chdot

    It's very hit or miss. It seemed to work out better when staff had permits

    Yes but.

    SG abolished parking charges. Why does that mean that hospitals can’t/don’t use permits/booking?

    Posted 8 months ago #
  4. LaidBack

    It's an SG policy which is transforming hospital visits across the country. I can't think of any other example which has created such behavioural change in such a short time. Impressive - shows that car users can be easily manipulated and makes me hopeful for the new LEZs in our Scottish cities. People happy to sit for half an hour going nowhere. ;-)

    One patient, who asked not to be identified, says he now gets a bus to Ninewells for appointments instead.

    Felt guilty with shame of not staying queued with his fellow motorists maybe? I guess they will quickly build bigger 'free' car parks. :-)

    Posted 8 months ago #
  5. gembo

    Sadly in Edinburgh, car drivers can only be influenced in one direction. Towards queues for free parking.

    The report states ridiculous fact/lie that doctors are arriving five hours early for shift just to get parked.

    Given how small Edinburgh is I imagine doctors could walk from their houses to the hospital in about 2 hours max?

    Also bizarrely, the so called journalist writing the article never seems to stop to query any of this, except the Dundonian who was too ashamed to be named for catching the bus along the Perth Road.

    Posted 8 months ago #
  6. chdot

    How about ‘free parking if you retrospectively apply for it in triplicate’?

    ‘This must be done between 6 & 7 days after paying for parking ONLY’.

    Posted 8 months ago #
  7. chdot

  8. Arellcat

    Braess' Paradox was explored and quite well explained in Tom Vanderbilt's book, Traffic. I'd give you the page reference but Tulyar is enjoying my copy too much to return it.

    And possible tangentially related to Yet Another Costa, but I came across this video today about Braess's Paradox and it explains it really rather well:

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    Posted 1 month ago #

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