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Cash for cars - Poor uptake on "Get ready for LEZ" scheme

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  1. Tulyar

    I found out about the quietly promoted deal managed by Energy Saving Trust Scotland, to encourage owners of older cars in the 4 LEZ cities (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen) to scrap these cars for a £2000 payment, with up to 2 further personal supplements of £500.

    In December 2023 (put back from 2022) LEZ charges will apply to non compliant private cars at £60 a go... Cue angry letters to the chipwrapper?

    At first I thought this was a model Mobility Credit deal, up to £3000 to spend on bus passes, bike hire, car club hire, or a new EAPC/bike, and was saddened to hear that the £2000 could just be used to put towards buying a new car, but not the £500's which could only be used for mobility items

    There were some passport qualifications (had to be cars of certain age/type, and owned 12 months - recipients had to have tax credits or benefits from a list) However I was a bit surprised by the figures for the first 6 months

    Glasgow - 39 households claimed £2000, but just 2 x £500 (1?)
    Edinburgh- 38 households claimed £2000, & just 12 x £500 (6?)
    Dundee - 12 households claimed £2000, but just 2 x £500 (1?)
    Aberdeen - 7 households claimed £2000, not one £500 claimed

    All the Co-Wheels cars in the Glasgow LEZ are electric, as are (I think) Dundee and Aberdeen. Not sure about the Enterprise fleets in Glasgow and Edinburgh

    Does anyone know of folk who've claimed? Has there been a blip in e-bike sales?

    Should this be better promoted - more people claiming the £500 and spending it on new bikes?

    Should the £2000 be restricted to a car club/bike hire credit or bus pass purchase?

    Posted 2 months ago #
  2. gembo

    @tulyar, not sure about many of your questions but bike sales have taken off so spotting a blip because of this scheme would be tricky?

    Posted 2 months ago #

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