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"Growing Up in Scotland: Overweight, obesity and activity

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  1. chdot

    “Anyone know how to link to YouTube without it automatically embedding?”

    Embedding fine, but look for their shortlink if you need one.

    Posted 3 months ago #
  2. gembo

    Good old Len

    Jazz police are paid by J Paul Getty
    Jazzers paid by J Paul Getty too

    Also from I'm Your Man, his best album and one f my faves

    They sentenced me to twenty years of boredom
    For trying to change the system from within
    I'm coming now I'm coming to reward them
    First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin

    And of course

    I said to Hank Williams, How lonely does it get
    Hank Williams hasn't answered yet
    But I hear him coughing all night long
    A hundred floors above me in the Tower of Song


    Well you can stick your little Pins in your voodoo doll
    I'm very sorry baby doesn't look like me at all
    ....they don't let a woman kill you
    Not in the tower of song

    Can't quite recall the kill you line so will listen now

    To me he is Il miglior fabbro

    But to him il miglior fabbro is Hank

    Billy Connolly loved Bert Jansch and there is a great BBC programme where he goes with Bert to visit Sonny Terry, who is Bert's hero. Sonny Terry of the great duo as mentioned in Van Morrison's Cleaning Windows

    Sonny Terry, Brownie McGhee, Muddy Waters sings I'm a rollin stone.

    Sonny and brownie hated each other at the end like Walter Matthau and George burns in Neil Simon's The Sunshine Boys.

    Posted 3 months ago #
  3. chdot

  4. chdot

  5. chdot

    Just a reminder, this thread started with


    Nothing much seems to have changed.

    Posted 2 months ago #
  6. Nelly

    A quarter of 5 year olds?

    And their only soundbites appear to be "stop BOGOF offers on chocolate and fizzy drinks" and "force restaurants to serve smaller portions".

    i.e. same legislation / sledgehammer approach as on alcohol.

    Nothing said about exercise, nothing said about educating the parents (many of whom see fat as the new normal) about healthy food intake for their kids.

    Think I will invest my pension in mobility scooters..........

    Posted 2 months ago #
  7. chdot

    One of the country’s most senior nurses has said patients should say something to health workers if they think they are overweight.

    Chief nursing officer Fiona McQueen was responsible for drawing up policy on how best to tackle the growing problem of obesity in the UK.

    As the same time, she says she was ‘clearly losing my own battle with the bulge’.

    Posted 1 month ago #
  8. crowriver

    If current trends continue, obese children will soon outnumber those who are undernourished

    (Globally, not just UK/West).

    Posted 4 weeks ago #
  9. chdot

    Public health officials said they were working with industry to make food healthier.

    They also said a sugar reduction programme and the government's sugar tax would help to tackle childhood obesity.

    The researchers, from the University of Birmingham, said families, communities and the food industry probably had more of an influence than school initiatives.

    Posted 1 week ago #

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