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Bike/car Speed limits (aka glasgow madness)

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  1. Darkerside

    @Morningsider: thanks. I've no idea how valid the slant I've put on Management Rules is, but my logic was:
    - Land Reform Act is very important and a lynchpin of Scottish policy.
    - LRA specifically states that it can be altered by byelaws. It does not mention anything else.
    - Byelaws are more 'official' than Management Rules, which come from an older Act.
    - Therefore (with a massive leap of faith), Management Rules cannot restrict the LRA.

    Having briefly looked around, Edinburgh's Management Rules aren't too bad. Aberdeen's are worse than Glasgow.

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  2. Focus

    While in the relatively safe confines of empty hospital roads tonight*, I tried riding at a slow but comfortable pace and then looked at my Garmin - 8.5mph. Yes, I can ride safely at 5mph (I passed my Cycling Proficiency!) but it's not a good speed to ride at as you are concentrating more on balance than spatial awareness compared to riding at 10mph.

    In short, 5mph could actually be more dangerous on a bike than 10mph. Clearly, this was not thought through by anyone with real world cycling experience.

    *(Though not always safe as I experience twice in 20 seconds the other night).

    Posted 10 years ago #
  3. cb

  4. Snowy

    Bikes not allowed to be cycled in the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh a member of the staff was quick to point out to me, regarding the 3mph progress of my daughter on her *balance bike*...insisted we leave.

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  5. gembo


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  6. wee folding bike

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