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Do we need an EU referendum thread? (Brexit thread)

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  1. chdot

  2. chdot

    Frost says there is gap between UK and EU at Northern Ireland Brexit talks

    Well yes…

    Posted 1 month ago #
  3. chdot

    Mr MacAskill claims Ireland took action ahead of Brexit to increase ferry capacity and establish new routes while Scotland did nothing.

    Posted 1 month ago #
  4. crowriver

    Claims? Ireland absolutely did set up several new ferry routes, to bypass the "land bridge" of the UK and the anticipated Brexit chaos, which indeed happened. Scotland did indeed not set up any ferry routes.

    Posted 1 month ago #
  5. chdot

  6. chdot

  7. LaidBack

    To think we 'negotiated' this trade obstacle. A sample of some recent coms for businesses warning us of hard times ahead for anyone insisting on doing business with their EU neighbours.

    Commercial goods that you bring into the country yourself to sell or use for your business count as Merchandise in Baggage. This means that when you’re travelling in and out of the country on business, equipment, samples or products that you carry with you are classed as goods, and customs rules apply.
    You need to complete a simplified online declaration when entering or leaving Great Britain if you are carrying any goods to sell or use by a business with a value not exceeding £1,500, not weighing more than 1,000kgs and not classed as excise or restricted goods. Restricted goods can include goods such as products of animal origin, plants and certain types of fruit and vegetables. Further detail on which goods are classed as restricted can be found on GOV‌‌.UK by searching 'restricted and controlled goods'.
    You can complete the declaration at gov‌‌.uk/hmrc‌‌/goods-‌‌in-baggage within five days of arriving in or leaving Great Britain, or you can make an oral declaration to a Border Force officer by going to the 'goods to declare' channel (red channel) or red phone point when going through customs, if such facilities exist.
    If you are carrying goods exceeding £1,500 in value, weighing more than 1,000kgs or which are excise or restricted goods, you or your customs agent must submit a full customs declaration electronically using either the Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight system (CHIEF) or the Customs Declaration Service (CDS).
    For moving commercial goods in your accompanied baggage from Great Britain to Northern Ireland, you need to make a declaration through the Trader Support Service, which is provided by HMRC free to use, regardless of the value or nature of goods.
    For movements between Northern Ireland and the EU, there are no changes to the rules and goods can continue to move without a customs declaration.

    UKGov statement about NI's EUUK status at end cheered me up! That's the kind of deal we wanted here.

    Posted 1 week ago #

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