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  1. chdot

    Well I don't think there actually is one (yet?).

    Spokes and Sustrans have been campaigning for years about the route(s) from Edinburgh to the Forth Bridge. There have been some improvements around Cramond and Dalmeny but little to create a fairly direct (and safe) route.

    There are now a couple of live threads on here about 'cyclist down' and 'road closure in Dunfermline' which show that there are real concerns AND some people who want things to improve.

    It seems likely that there will be a new Forth bridge fairly soon and traffic patterns will change dramatically.

    There have been concerns on here about the Kirkliston railway path - which might be affected by railway works too - and discussion about potential for A90 improvements.

    Presumably there is even greater risk north of the Forth for cycle infrastructure improvements to be 'forgotten about' or badly designed/implemented because 'not many people cycle'.

    The Forth divides council and police areas making it more difficult to guarantee any real co-ordination and co-operation.

    Transport Scotland is responsible for transport throughout Scotland (including the new bridge) and also the Cycling Action Plan for Scotland.

    In addition there is SEStran (South East of Scotland Transport Partnership) - it even sponsors cycle events! It even has a Sustainable Travel Forum! - next meeting 30th April 2012 10:00am

    One small problem with cycle routes between Edinburgh and Fife is that they are usually categorised as 'leisure' and it seems to be assumed that people want/don't mind scenic routes.

    Though of course there would be more tourist and family trips if decent routes existed, were publicised and seen to be safe.

    There's actually quite a lot of things in Dunfermline that make it a good 'destination'.

    Inc. -

    "Pittencrieff Park or “The Glen” as it is more commonly known as by the local people"

    Abbot House

    Dunfermline Abbey

    There's even a cycle club - Dunfermline Cycling Club and a new bike shop - Planet Velo.

    Perhaps Spokes should become "The Lothians and Fife Cycle Campaign"(?)!

    From some of the posts on other threads it's clear that PMing is going on.

    GOOD LUCK with your plans and strategies.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  2. bax

    previous correspondence is available from me by request.

    in addition, my follow-up email to Thomas Docherty MP this morning:


    Dear Thomas,

    Your reference: AJ/STUA01001/01120025

    Its been over six weeks since your last correspondence regarding Safe Cycle Commuting provision between Dunfermline and Forth Road Bridge.

    If you recall, I am specifically seeking to avoid unsafe cycle commuting on the motorway gyratory section of the southbound dual carriageway between Dunfermline and Rosyth. The northbound section at Pitreavie Rounabout also represents a problem. These problems are all due to impatient motorists who don't feel the need to share road space witout unduly putting cyclists lives at risk.

    I''m awaiting the results of your writing to Fife Constabulary regarding previous fatalities on Grange Road, however I also await your comments on why you don't regard it as viable to close Grange Road to motorised traffic.

    Grange Road is often referred to as "notorious" and a "killer road", yet it would make an absolutely ideal safe cycle commuting route, without impinging on the many other options available to local motorists. A locked gate at the south end could still provide suitable access rights for any local farmer.

    You previously forwarded your correspondence with Bob McLlellan at Fife Council, however it was with regret that you did not point out that I and many others regard Grange Road as unusable due to unsafe motorised traffic causing previous cycling fatalities on this road.

    It is supremely ironic that Bob's reply to you regarded that Grange Road is a primary option for cycle provision, as you had not adequately conveyed my original concerns to him.

    Please speak further with Bob McLellan on this matter, considering all the facts available this time around.


    Posted 6 years ago #
  3. crowriver

    We came through Pittencrieff Park as a cut through on the way back from Dunning yesterday. You're probably not supposed to cycle at 25mph downhill through there, but it was quiet and so... :-) The alternative was rather busy, hostile town centre roads: no thanks!

    Having cycled to/from/in Dunfermline a few times, there are reasonable shared use paths. However only a few of these are suitable for going at any speed, and there's the old giving way at junctions issue. Access to the bridge is far from ideal, having to either cross or ride on fast feeder roads. It is a bit better (but not much) on the Edinburgh side of the bridge. The quality of the route from FRB to A90 is well, mixed, to say the least. Off road railway path from S Queensferry is great, but not well connected to other routes.

    So yes, much to be done. As the A90 link has been mentioned in Parliament, this could be focussed on as a priority for campaigning perhaps?

    Posted 6 years ago #
  4. crowriver

    @bax, interesting points regarding Grange Road. Is this being used as a rat run at this point? I have used the lower portion going from Rosyth as it is preferable to the King's Road roundabout.

    I wonder what the council's thinking on this is? Direct correspondence with Bob McLellan perhaps?

    Posted 6 years ago #
  5. chdot

    Not forgetting -

    "The SEStran Two Capitals Cycle Ride is a non-competitive, all-age, all-abilities event that aims to promote cycling for all. This annual event which was first run in 2006 is rapidly becoming one of the biggest events of its kind in South East Scotland."

    Posted 6 years ago #
  6. chdot

    I've posted this on other threads, but obviously relevant -

    Fife Police (@FifePolice)

    4/10/12 11:46 AM

    Volunteers in #Dunfermline are giving up their time to help make roads in West Fife safer with Community Speed Watch.


    Are the Police more concerned than the Council?

    Posted 6 years ago #
  7. bax


    Grange Road is a high speed rat run with blind dips that has caused previous cycling and motoring fatalities.


    Posted 6 years ago #
  8. bax

    Partner of dead cyclist calls for Dunfermline to Rosyth road to be closed

    "A council poll of more than 3000 residents in 2002 showed 58 per cent were in support of a traffic ban"

    Posted 6 years ago #
  9. Instography

    I drove up Grange Road today, taking the kids to Ceramic Experience for a party, with this in mind. I've never had any need to cycle it although even before today I knew I wouldn't cycle there, having driven it a couple of times before. It's narrow, bendy and lumpy with the most fanciful sections of 30 and 40mph with no evidence that anyone pays any attention to them. I accumulated quite a queue by driving it at the speed limit today.

    However, I don't think there's any chance of it being closed. It would be better to argue for a separate cycle lane and footpath - like has been installed from Culross to Kincardine. Easily done for most of its length and where property boundaries don't allow it with the two road lanes alongside, I'd argue for the road to be reduced to a single lane to act as a traffic calming measure since the existing limits are routinely ignored. You can find one good example of those at Torryburn where a separate cycle lane was installed deliberately to slow traffic as they negotiate the single remaining lane.

    Tactically, I think it would be better to get people like MPs and the council to first agree that there is a problem for cyclists on that road rather than agree with a solution. Once they've accepted there is a problem, the only negotiation is around the most effective solution. If they have to agree with a particular radical solution, they're more likely to resist accepting that there is a problem at all.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  10. bax

    Anyone interested in safe cycle commuting provision between Dunfermline to Forth Road Bridge, please petition both Thomas Docherty MP and Bob McLellan (Head of Transport, Fife Council) with your concerns and/or proposed solutions.

    Add your MSP for good measure.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  11. kaputnik

    The hardest bit to navigate on all my lastyear cycle tour of Scotland and the (only) bit that got me lost was trying to pick my way from Forth Bridge to the West Fife Cycle Way through Dunfermline. Had to resort to dead reckoning based on my wooly and out-of-date mental topography of the place.

    The Forth divides council and police areas

    not for much longer, for the Police at least. However I'm pretty sure that the new Scottish Bobby Service will - at least to begin with - maintain its operational regions along the current force lines.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  12. sallyhinch

    I wonder what route these folk will be taking

    Posted 6 years ago #
  13. cb

    Here's a very old thread:

    Cycle route to Dunfermline

    My comment at the time re. Grange Road:

    "The "minor" road between Rosyth and Dunfermline (marked as route 76 on Chdot's map pic) is fairly unpleasant to cycle on, at least that's what I found the only time I have used the road. It was full of fast cars, not too busy as it was around 8pm when I was on it but it could be worse at rush hour.

    I believe the plan is to close this road to motor traffic. (Has this happened yet? It was September when I was on it.)"

    Also found this:

    Labour councillor Pat Callaghan [said], "The road should be kept open because like any other properly maintained road in Fife it has a purpose.

    "It is an absolutely strategic route for Rosyth and Dunfermline and has strategic value now and for the future.

    "It's used as an access road for emergency services and for farm access as well. I hope the girl's OK but the problem is going to be poor conditions.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  14. chdot

    Two Capitals ride route -

    Posted 6 years ago #
  15. crowriver

    Looks like Grange Road to me. Ironic.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  16. DdF


    Re. the Edinburgh to Forth Bridge route, see the recent Spokes news item on this, following the recent Parliamentary debate on cycling.

    As explained in the article, this is an important moment to contact MSPs, given its high profile in the debate. Spokes would also appreciate a copy of any emails to MSPs on this [i.e. on the Edinburgh to Forth Bridge route][copy to]


    Unfortunately Spokes can't follow up detail of routes within Fife as we are all volunteers and have more than enough to get on with in Edinburgh/Lothians!! However, we have a number of members in south Fife (10 or so) and if anyone wishes to hold a local meeting to set up local lobbying within Fife we would be happy to email our local members in case any of them wish to and have time to participate.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  17. bax

    Thomas Docherty MP has written to me once more, reaffirming that he does not believe it is a viable option to close Grange Road to motorised traffic (to provide a safe direct cycle commuting route between Rosyth and Dunfermline).

    I have previously asked him to clarify why he does not believe it to be viable, given the plethora of alternate options open to local motorists, but he has twice ignored my request to elaborate.

    TD again reiterates that he sympathises with my view that there should be further cycling provision in West Fife.

    Notably he does not indicate that he will take any action whatsoever to assist in this aim.

    Additionally TD informs me that there has "only" been one cyclist fatality on Grange Road since 2008.

    Correspondence from Fife Constabulary was appended regarding the attempted closure of the road in 2009.

    It is stated therein that Fife Council agreed that no action would be taken to prohibit traffic on Grange Road.

    Instead, traffic calming measures were installed after discussion with the various stakeholders.

    - Enhanced road signing and lighting
    - Reduced speed limit on Brankholm Brae to 40mph
    - Extension of the 30 mph limit on Grange Road
    - High conspicuity signing

    Thomas Docherty MP wraps it all up by drawing the conclusion that "there are no public safety reasons to close Grange Road at the present time".


    Posted 5 years ago #
  18. bax

    Dear Thomas,

    Many thanks for your recent letter and forwarding of correspondence with Fife Constabulary.

    I have twice asked you to clarify why you do not consider it viable to close Grange Road to motorised traffic to provide a safe cycle commuting route, despite the plethora of superior alternate options available to the local motorist.

    On this you remain quiet, other than to point to the highlights of the supporting letter from Fife Constabulary.

    Let us be frank.

    At no point did I ever consider that you would be in favour of such an obvious vote-winner as local road closure.

    Yet something substantial needs to be done to create a viable cycle commuting solution, and I was interested in what you might have to contribute to the subject.

    You have contributed your sympathy.

    If we were to remain frank, you might tell me that there is little political will in the UK with regard proper cycling provision; because the funds just aren't there at regional or national level. The motoring lobby is too strong. You might even tell me to quit whining and get a motor.

    There's a lot I could say about the response from Fife Constabulary, and the highlights therein that you mention.

    Their narrow definition of what constitutes "traffic"; their agreement on a "proportionate" response not to "prohibit traffic" on Grange Road; their apparent discussion with "the various stakeholders".

    Suffice to say that it a matter of record that 80% of local residents voted to close what remains known as a "notorious killer road".

    I'll remember to dig out your correspondence on the next black day for local cyclists.



    Posted 5 years ago #
  19. bax

    Cycle death man avoids jail sentence

    A THUG who sped along the notorious Grange Road before hitting and killing a cyclist has avoided jail.

    Woman cheats death on Dunfermline killer road

    Partner of dead cyclist calls for Dunfermline to Rosyth road to be closed

    End of road for accident blackspot?

    Councillors have voted to close the notorious Grange Road to traffic after hearing the fatal crash rate on the route was over eight times higher than the national average.

    Rosyth death road

    The City of Dunfermline area committee had voted for closure - it's the scene of two deaths and more than 40 accidents in less than 10 years - in 2009 but were overruled.


    Posted 5 years ago #
  20. chdot

    Thought it might be time to revive this thread.


    Scots’ commuting habits could be permanently altered by major transport disruption incidents, academics have predicted.

    Research into the three-week closure of the Forth Road Bridge last December found a small but significant proportion of commuters changed the way they travelled after the shutdown.


    Posted 1 year ago #
  21. MrGrumpy

    As a Fife commuter there is certainly a change , I'm seeing more cyclists even at stupid o'clock in the morning . However the trains seem busier as well best thing was ScotRail puttImg on the early trains from Inverkeithing when the bridge was closed and have kept them running ! As for cyclists from the Kingdom commuting we need to see the layout of the road network post bridge build . Personally could do with a safer travel option from Cramond to the Gyle .

    Posted 1 year ago #
  22. paddyirish


    "Personally could do with a safer travel option from Cramond to the Gyle ."

    If you want to get to the Gyle safely and don't like the Cammo option (I assume that's the bit you don't like as you can follow the path and use the lights to get across the A90 without ever using the road), have you tried going via Kirkliston and Newbridge? It is just as quick and a bit flatter and more off road.

    Posted 1 year ago #
  23. bax

    The biggest change I have seen in the year following the bridge closure is the slashing of timetable services by Stagecoach East.

    The significant bus fare discount offered to Park and Ride commuters from Ferrytoll and Halbeath hubs has resulted in a corresponding increase in passenger numbers from these locations - a good thing certainly, however this has resulted in a statistical feedback loop being used to justify slashing of now lesser-used timetable services for local through-route Fife-Edinburgh services.

    Essentially if you aren't driving from your house to the Park and Ride hub to use an express service, options are becoming increasingly limited to a single Fife-Edinburgh bus once an hour.

    Are Fife-Edinburgh bus commuters best served by being primarily aimed at Park and Ride drivers?

    SNP MSPs not particularly keen to acknowledge this as an actual problem, in my opinion this is in no small part due to the ongoing multi-million pound funding of their party's coffers by Brian Souter.

    Posted 1 year ago #
  24. MrGrumpy


    Been a cycle commuter for years tried all different ways in fact my favourite route is via winchburgh lol and along past Ratho etc. Cammo is ok but too many nutters in delivery vans on way back down when coming home . I can handle traffic but finding increasing numbers of close encounters these days. The gyle is the area of most concern using the paths more and more which I don't like as not keen on shared use but safer alternative to the car drivers .

    Posted 1 year ago #
  25. chdot

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