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So last night I was talking to two Dutch people about cycling...

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  1. What Dave said (and it's not often we'll agree... ;) )

    Posted 6 years ago #
  2. chdot

    "Balerno, Penicuik, Dalkeith"

    Has to be admitted that these involve hills which are a deterent to a lot of people - not least because it would 'on the way home after a day's work'.

    ALSO CEC has a long standing policy of cross-border routes being low priority for spending 'cycle money' as 'not many people would use' - relative to spending on paths within the city.

    In the old days of Lothian Region this would have been less of an issue.

    Such things should now be of interest to SEStrans and Sustrans, but it's all about money/priorities and the old chicken and egg of 'well no-one cycles there' plus the 'conflict' between 'leisure' and 'transport'.

    Would be nice to get a decent leisure route to Midlothian.

    Midlothian has tarmacced to its border!

    Posted 6 years ago #
  3. Dave

    Yes, the fact that that path stops at the bypass is more or less what stopped us considering a move to Penicuik (we even had the house lined up). I tried riding through Straiton a few times at rush hour but it was a pain.

    I was going to put "so that's cost Midlothian our custom" (as upright local citizens and in terms of council tax / local spending) but then, that's just the problem - it's Edinburgh council that needs to complete the path and they've *retained* our spending by not doing so...

    Posted 6 years ago #
  4. slowcoach

    "From Sustrans -
    We then hope to work with CEC to get a route from there to at least Lasswade Road next year." posted one year ago, so that should mean now?!
    This could be the time when budget details are being finalised, and there's a chance to bid for extra funds from Sustrans (eg Community Links Programme bids by mid-May) so City of Edinburgh might not have to put in much of it's 'own' money or any if they find other sources eg WREN. But in case they are not already working on this, maybe someone could contact CEC and give them some encouragement?

    Posted 6 years ago #
  5. ruggtomcat

    gembo, the network is quite good but its really only any use if you are a leisure cyclist or happen to live by one of the paths with your work at the other, as commuting infrastructure they are a joke.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  6. gembo

    @ruggtomcat - true true. The paths are like the tram lines they don't move around, that was one reason given for why the tramlines got ripped up in 1959.

    I used to work in McDonald Rd and live in Balerno I was majorly spoiled for offroad commuting infrastructure - take the WoL Path hypotenuse or cycle the Trinity /Roseburn dog leg. My work then moved to Chesser but again I can use the WoL Path and bits of canal or the stenhouse cycle path. None of it perfect but for me quite good. I accept not everybody lives in my house or works at my work but I do sometimes detour to use the paths, perhaps I am non-quotidian? I also like to take massive detour when we drive from Edinburgh to Bedford via Glasgow and M74, M6 just to use the Birmingham Toll Road. Bizarrely, this journey takes same time as A1-M1 just uses more petrol. Sort of same as using the paths - you can use them to take you where you want to go [sometimes] it just takes more pedalling? Sometimes on the trinity path, flat, straight, empty with tail wind I could even manage 15mph without getting a nosebleed

    Posted 6 years ago #
  7. crowriver

    "You guys are just getting it all wrong."

    Well, in fact the city council deserve some credit for employing Gehl architects to devise a future vision for the centre of Edinburgh which is actually quite radical. If you want to see a 'Copenhagenized' Edinburgh here's their study from February 2011:

    The problem, as ever, will be implementation: how much of this vision will survive the timidity of officials, the conservatism of committees, the politicking, the posturing and populism that passes for political debate in this city?

    Here's the official implementation plan, timescale near the end:

    Note that 'Establish a network of cycle routes.' starts this year! However, will they all be as half arsed as the 'Quality Bike Corridor'?

    Posted 6 years ago #
  8. wee folding bike

    I stay 1/4 of a mile from Route 75. North Lanarkshire just built a new primary school right on the route about a mile away. All the kids on this estate and the next one down the hill go to that school. There is no way for them to get from their house to the route so they have to use a circuitous and hilly route to school.

    I did tell Sustrans about this but the school is open now so I might tell them again.

    Posted 6 years ago #
  9. chdot

    We have undertaken an initial feasibility study for routes between
    Loanhead and the Gilmerton area - part funded by Sustrans. We will look
    to take this design work further this year with a view to potential
    implementation in 2013-14.


    Posted 6 years ago #

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