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  1. jdanielp

    @Ed1 @jonty this seems like a poorly thought out crossing. I routinely cycle over this zebra crossing as it joins two shared use paths. That cyclists are technically expected to dismount to cross seems ridiculous, but I have to admit that for some time I wasn't aware of the implications and experienced a near miss with a driver who was either aware and happy to run into me, given that they knew that they were legally in the clear, or more likely didn't take the time to look for me. Since then I am rather more cautious, but still assume that traffic will stop to let me cross...

    Posted 5 days ago #
  2. ih

    @Ed1 @jonty That Sustrans document is out of date regarding 'tiger' crossings (side by side pedestrian zebra crossing and cycle crossing demarcated by elephant footprints (why are so many animals used to describe crossings?)). They are now allowed and that's the way to go where a cycle route crosses a road at a pedestrian zebra. Cyclists should always dismount at a zebra, so strictly speaking, if someone were cycling on a zebra it is the same as if they were on any other bit of the road.

    Incidentally, I was instructed when learning to drive some time ago, NOT to stop for a pedestrian unless they had set foot on the zebra, at which point you HAD to stop. The logic of this was that the driver had to be prepared to stop at a zebra, but not stop unless a pedestrian was actually on the crossing. I'd be interested to know if this is still accurate.

    Posted 5 days ago #
  3. jonty

    @jdanielp: I think a better explanation for your incident was probably unawareness or murderousness rather than an excessively rigid understanding of road law.

    I think the 'you only have to stop when the pedestrian is on the crossing' thing is correct by the letter of the law, but the best way of obeying that would seem to be stopping just before pedestrians cross as well.

    Posted 5 days ago #
  4. gembo

    zebra crossing on royal mile that takes you from Moray House tunnel over to Shacks Tunnel with added Owls and on to the Shacks themselves was not working on monday.

    You see just after the crossing heading west there was a traffic light and if drivers stopped at the zebra for us as they are supposed to do they would not get through the traffic lights on green. Fair enough, zebra crossings, they are not binding.Oh wait, they normally stop.

    Sometimes to make a point of being proper myself, I dismount and push the bike whilst staring at the driver. THis strat waas NOT working Monday.

    Posted 5 days ago #
  5. cb

    @ejstubbs: "The path around the barracks is really only MTB-able, at least in the Redford Road direction"


    @ejstubbs: "If you turn left at the end of the Dreghorn Link footbridge the track is slightly more feasible for a CX bike."

    I've only been there once (but not too long ago) and my recollection was that it was a very good surface north from the bridge (i.e. turning right). Basically tarmac all the way, although narrow and reasonably steep at one point.

    Left from the bridge (i.e. south) was non tarmac with some tree roots and a steepish and narrowish exit onto the road running along the south side of the barracks.

    @ejstubbs: "(I think they may have moved the boundary fence outwards a bit as well, on the side to the west of their rapid access road, and possibly put a gate in, though it wouldn't have been locked last time I went that way.)"

    They have moved the fence. No gate but a short section of large gravel/small stones. Something was being done/constructed at the bypass underpass, hopefully not a gate.

    There are Mapillary traces for most of this. Bike mounted so a bit shoogly.

    Posted 5 days ago #
  6. I were right about that saddle

  7. ejstubbs

    @cb: my recollection was that it was a very good surface north from the bridge (i.e. turning right). Basically tarmac all the way, although narrow and reasonably steep at one point.

    Ah, you got me: I've only ever done it the other way, coming from Dreghorn Woods. There's a track leading in to the trees just beyond the barracks access road that you can follow as far as the bridge, but it's pretty rough and rooty in places. Yesterday I went the other way ie turning right off the end of the bridge and you're right, it's smooth tarmac all the way. That brings you out on the barracks access road right next to the guarded gate, but you can just turn right and head out through the outer gateway while dodging the incoming fire from your six.

    The track heading left from the bridge does have a couple of roots that need to be negotiated confidently, as does the kick up on to the tarmac track behind the barracks. The unpacked hardcore next to the newly extended fence is a bit rough but there is a smoothish line towards the left hand edge as you head towards the underpass under the bypass.

    There is now a yellow barrier across the road just before you go under the bypass, but it can be bypassed (!) on the right.

    As for accessing the bridge from the east, I think that the easiest way to do that is from the tarmac path that runs behind Morrisons' car park and Auchingane. At the point where it narrows and starts to become overgrown you turn off right along a dirt track which is not too bad, bearing to the left where appropriate to get to the bridge. I satisfied myself that there is no obvious step-free access from the army housing estate, though again I'm willing to be proved wrong. (There is a path which heads away from the end of the short cul-de-sac shown here: it starts off paved but turns rough as you head south-west away from the house at the end of the cul-de-sac, and shortly after that has a fairly brutal muddy step.)

    Posted 1 day ago #
  8. cb

  9. ejstubbs

    @cb: Aye, that's the one.

    Posted 1 day ago #

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